For managing and distributing the digital content we produce, we have developed a cloud (SaaS) system. The platform provides a solution to the collaborative management between brands and any point of sale or establishment regardless of whether the management is direct or indirect. No matter which sector or type of establishment, the marketing tool Bexfy Hub encourages sales according to identified needs in each location in and in real time.


With brands you can create brand profiles, register locations and devices and identify the content which should be displayed. The distribution of the contents is programmed and all direct management points of sale are monitored.


The Bexfy platform Chronos represents an advance in the "digital signage" sector allowing to display videos, audios and even web pages in a classic or reactive way. Managing content in a reactive way makes it possible to take into account dynamic and concrete situations such as rain, costumer traffic, availability or stock of products, celebration of local fairs, concerts, arrivals of tourist cruises ... in order to adapt contents to the audience and adjust the offer for improved sales. 


In order to access the sales channels managed by a third parties, we have created an APP that allows an automatic and unattended connection to existing devices without the need for complementary hardware. The multi-brand store has access to all the contents of the brands it sells as well as to generic content for creating its own digital image.


The objective of this service is to use concrete data for improving the communication process. With the approval of the establishment, the data of the multi-brand channel can be used to achieve better collaboration, optimized processes and enhanced sales.