Everything starts with this criterion. We are integrators of our own technologies and those of third parties. Understanding the objective of what is looked for in each sales space is our vision. With this in mind, we aim to define the most efficient way of communication linking the message to be spread with the adequate devices. We create 'friendly' and efficient spaces for brands which allow them to connect with their consumers.


It´s about creating a concept which integrates the 'concept design' of a space and guarantees a feasible, sustainable and replicable result in any location. To achieve this objective, we first of all start with the digital definition of the brand and its omnichannel strategy. 


Understanding the existing technological ecosystem is essential for achieving an optimal integration between devices and management platforms. With our technical expertise, we install all the necessary hardware that helps to carry out the concept.


After sales support depending on the needs of each brand. Accompanying the facilities in all their longevity with remote support and face-to-face assistance is what we do at Bexfy. With our systems we analyze the type of support needed for the type of service contracted and integrate it with the maintenance systems that the client already has.